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Do you have locs? Do you require experts to maintain your Locs? Make an appointment at California’s top Dreadlock Salon. We provide a wide range of services given that our owner, Peaches, wants to make dreadlock maintenance and care simpler for everyone.

Let us assist you if you’re Tired of searching for “dreadlocks near me.” THE DREADLOCKS SALON is a full-service Dreadlock Salon in Oakland, California. We provide a variety of services, including interlocking, crocheting, starter locs, hair coloring, hair styling, retwisting, palm rolling, barbering, braids, loc styles ,and natural hair styles. Being the greatest Dreadlock Salon in California, you are supported by qualified stylists and locticians whose mission is to heal, rejuvenate and strengthen your natural hair through natural products and professional services.

End your search for “best dreadlocks salon in California” Schedule an appointment with us.

Our Offerings

Comb coil is the most natural way to start locs. The hair is coiled or twisted to start the locking process. We grid the partings for a new set of Locs, comb coil the desired size partings for the desired size of loc. Whether you want traditional locs, freeform locs, two-strand twist locs or else, at THE DREADLOCKS SALON, we know the importance of new locs and offer professional services to everyone.

Palm rolling is an advanced technique that helps knots compress. This Service is for monthly maintenance and includes a wash to remove any accumulated grease, conditioning the scalp and entire locs, and retwisting the new growth.

We use an interlock needle to create a series of loops to knot the new growth of already locked hair. This technique creates an instant lock effect on the new growth of the loc. This technique is good for those that are physically active and individuals that need to wash often because the hair does not unravel at the base. Regular maintenance for this technique is 3 to 4 months.

Although all hair types qualify for this method, crochet is the preferred method to create locs on straight and wavy hair. Crochet loc maintenance is instantly locking the new growth hair of existing locs using a crochet needle. This pulls in all loose hair and smooths out the loc, no product is used with this method. Prices may vary depending on the sizes and length of the loc.

Hair has always been a form of expression. Just like a piece of art, your hair is your canvas. Our hair coloring techniques are proven to give customers lasting and shiny colors every time. The process includes lightening hair, then applying the desired color. Normally done for hair that is brown or black to achieve the desired color. Additional $50 for every 3 inches passed the shoulder.

The loc detox is a process where the locs are deep cleaned from the inside out. As the locs soak with detox products and product buildup begins to break down and exit the shaft of the loc, the hair is detoxed several times until the water is clear. This service should be done at least 2 to 3 times a year.

You can wear your hair naturally or with a style, the choice is yours and at The Dreadlocks Salon, we’ll have you looking amazing either way. Our line of offerings include a range of the latest dreadlock styles that give you the look you always wanted. Loc styling at The Dreadlocks Salon starts at just $25.00. The price may vary depending on the style and length of hair.

Are you getting the urge to change your style? What about going with a change in hair color? While there are tons of inspirations out there, The Dreadlocks Salon is the best bet for high quality hair lock highlighting. Ranging from balayage, chunky highlights, baby highlights and even multi-colored, we have got everything for your styling needs. Highlight the ends of the locs starts at $150 and additional $50 for every 3 inches passed the shoulder.

Popular Services

ConsultationFrom $25

New Locs- Starting Price$155

Loc Extensions Uchenna Method/CrochetMin. $500

Loc Repair$5-$15 per Loc

Retwist/ Palm RollFrom $95

InterlockingFrom $175

Barbering/Line UpFrom $25

Loc StylingFrom $25

Palm Roll Retwist
Add a style +$25From $95
Add Barber Line Up +$25 and up

Crochet MaintenanceFrom $250

Interlock MaintenanceFrom $175

New Locs Comb CoilFrom $155

Dreadlock Extension/Per LocFrom $15

ColorFrom $85

Tangle Removal/Dreadlock RemovalFrom $90 per hour

Our Story

Healthy, Strong hair is what everyone wants. At The Dreadlocks Salon, we redefine the hair salon experience. Here, we offer comprehensive services in an inviting environment with perks to unwind the best.

Whether you want a new set of Locs, interlock maintenance, hair coloring or styling, The Dreadlocks Salon is one-stop-destination for quality Dreadlock Services in Oakland, California.


Consultation Services

Braids /Corn RollsPrice Varies

Acv Loc Tightening RinseFrom $65

PEACHES Natural Shape Loc HaircutFrom $147

Dreadlock Extension/Per LocFrom $15

Dreadlock Extension/Half the Head starting priceFrom $400

Natural shape loc haircutFrom $72

Barbering/Line UpFrom $45

Braids SinglesPrice Varies

Loc StylingFrom $25

The Royal WashFrom $75

PEACHES Tangle Removal/Dreadlock RemovalFrom $165

What Makes Us The Best Dreadlock Salon In California?

Over the years, we have mastered several different techniques to attain the position of best Dreadlock Salon in Oakland, California. From our team to our products everything is the highest quality-in-industry, and our vision is to make dreadlock care accessible and affordable like never before.

Here are the top reasons why we rank as the best Dreadlocks Salon in California

Clear Communication

At The Dreadlocks Salon, we consult with each customer at the beginning of each service to understand your needs,wants and desires. Our professionals put your needs first and strive to give you the best solution possible. Consulting with our customers before every service ensures complete understanding before we begin.

California’s Best Locticians and Stylists

The Dreadlock Salon offers an extensive range of services with each of our stylists and
locticians specializing in their own individual craft. We employ only the masters in the craft
of dreadlocking and offer you the end of your search for “the best dreadlocks near me “ with
no hidden charges.

Friendly Environment

You’ll love our Salons, designed to make natural hair care a community experience that
leaves you feeling confident and proud to wear your crown. You can exhale in our safe and
peaceful environment, with a warm and gracious staff. Join in on Salon conversations or
just read your book, it’s up to you.

Better For The Planet

Being the best dreadlock salon in California, we strive to minimize the impact on the planet through the use of natural products. We have partnered with companies that promote and work towards natural hair care.


Dedicated To Inclusivity

Hair has no gender, and that is why our pricing is not centered on “Men” and “Women.” We provide quotes based on individual needs and strive to render best-in-class experiences.

Commitment To Quality

Our constant commitment to using high-quality products significantly contributes to ranking us as a leading dreadlock salon Oakland, CA. We use products from the earth and professional top brands to give you unparalleled quality.

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