In love with bold and beautiful twists hairstyles? Or have your favorite celebrity worn them, and now you want them too? No matter the reason, hair twists are absolutely an amazing choice, but we hear you are skeptical if hair twists will suit you. Worry not, hair twist hairstyles come for every face shape and style, and you can add up to your masculine or feminine energy after adorning them. Moreover, hair twists are an absolute game changer; they will bring more charisma to your look and appearance, and you will feel more powerful after getting them. Visit your hairstylist and ask what hair twist hairstyle will best suit your face shape; the experts can guide you through multiple options and help you select the most satisfactory hair twist hairstyle for you.

Twisted hair is one of the most emerging trends in recent years; from Zendaya and Rihanna’s rocking twist hairstyles, it is apparent you want to get them for yourselves. Check out these incredible twist hairstyles for men and women and prepare your reference before searching for ‘best hair twists near me.’

Notch up your twists game with these twists hairstyles for men.

Being a man, it can get confusing to choose the best-twisted hairstyle. However, there are several twist hairstyles to try out for a peppy look. These are some twist hairstyles to check out for a charming appearance.

Small twist hairstyles for men

Want to stand out from the crowd? Small-twist hairstyles for men will be the right choice for you. Search for the best hair twist stylists, and they can help you achieve an offbeat, snaggy, and ultimate hair twist hairstyle. The best part, you do not have to wait for your hair length to grow for these hairstyles.

Medium twist hairstyles for men

Medium-twist hairstyles for men could be your preferred choice if you want to play safe but still want to explore further boundaries. Hair twist hairstyles have varied options, from flat twists, finger twists, two-strand twists, and so on; reach out to Dreadlock to achieve your desired look.

Long twist hairstyles for men

Suppose you are willing to go all out and make the crowd your audience, long-twist hairstyles for men will serve you the right opportunity. You can opt out of different hair lengths to different hair twists styles with our professional stylists. Just let them know what your inspiration is and how your dream hair twist hairstyle needs to be, and wait for unending attention.


Two-strand twist for men

One of the most preferred twist hairstyles for men is two-strand twists. If you have naturally straight hair but want to explore twisted styles without fully getting into them, this hairstyle will suit you. Reach out to your hair stylist and ask them to give you a two-strand twist. It is also a fantastic twisted hair option because it is easy to manage and gives you a stylish & kempt look.

Add up to savagery with these twist hairstyles for women.

Twist hairstyles for women are endless, and there is always scope to explore more. We have created a list of the top four twist hairstyles to try out that suit women of all ages and make you look more appealing.

The twisted angled bob women

Bob became a single-handed hairstyle choice for women of all ages in previous years, so how about adding the savagery of twists to it? Instead of getting full-length hair twists, ask the stylist to cut your twists in an angled bob style. For someone who does not have time or patience to cater to long, twisted hair but wants to explore their options, a twisted angled bob is a perfect choice. Believe us when we say it, you will not regret it.

The twisted updo for women

Twisted updos are one of the best ways to look and feel chic and classy. It adds grace to your stature and charisma to your face while adding length to your face. If you do not know how to do it, seek advice from professionals and they will assist you in gathering your twists and creating a professional twisted updo.

The side swept twisted hairstyle for women.

Another excellent twist hairstyle for women is the side swept, a great way to bring light to your chiseled jawline. This twist hairstyle suits all hair lengths and will add up to your feminine energy. You will have multiple twist styles to select from, choose what suits your taste the best and get ready to be the feminine charm of every get-together. 

Passion twist hairstyles for women.

The last twist hairstyle is the passion twist. They were created by Kailyn Rogers and are also called The Boho Babe. The passion twist hairstyles will suit your taste if you do not want the extra weight of faux locs but want to look edgy at the same time. Passion twists are effortless to handle, and at Dreadlock we will advise you on all measures to take to keep your passion twists long-lasting. The fun part; they look very similar to faux locs.
If you are tired of searching for “best hair twists near me” your search will probably end up at The Dreadlocks Salon. The professionals here will provide you with gorgeous twisted hairstyles, from a twist out, finger twists, three-strand twists, two-strand twists, etc., to enhance your look and boost your confidence. Reach us for twisted hair now!



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