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Simply shampooing is not enough to nourish your locs! You need a deep cleansing that only a detox can provide. Book now!


The Dreadlocks Salon| Best Hair Salon Oakland For Detox

Joan Crawford once said, “ I think that the most important thing a woman can have next to talent, of course - is a hairdresser.” The Dreadlocks Salon agrees; thus, it is here with a range of hair care services. We are the best hair salon Oakland and take pride in delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Similar to Joan Crawford, even we believe that a hairdresser is important to a woman and a man. Our detox services allow you to enjoy the beauty of hydrated and clean locs.

Why Should You Opt For Locs Detox?

Detox that too from the best hair salon Oakland is necessary for everyone with dreadlocks, and it deep cleans the loss and thoroughly nourishes your scalp. Regular use of hair care products can result in product residue, bacteria, and dirt build-up. Together, the said allergens can infest your locs with lice. Now, who wants that?

The Dreadlocks Salon, the best hair salon near me, has a wide range of detox services, including loc shampooing and conditioning. All our professionals are result-driven, so you can be assured of a cleaner and hydrated scalp without burning holes in your pocket.


How The Best Hair Color Salon Oakland Does It?

We at The Dreadlocks Salon welcome you into a surreal and relaxing environment where you can relax while our hair stylists deeply exfoliate and clean your locs. The service begins with detangling the locs. Thereafter, your locs are washed using non-drying and non-damaging shampoo.

Later on, our professionals move on to applying the detox products- your locs will be soaked in the products and left till the products begin to break down and exit the shaft (locs and scalp). Your locs are then cleaned, and the whole process is repeated several times - till clear water runs through your locs.

What We Offer

Service NamePriceDuration
Loc Maintenance Crochet$250.002 hours 30 minutes
Loc Repair$10.0030 minutes
PEACHES Loc Detox$250.001 hour 30 minutes
PEACHES Loc Repair$25.0030 minutes
PEACHES Loc Shampoo & Condition$115.001 hour
Package # 5, Clean me, fix me, treat me good$500.005 hours
Hydration bath$65.001 hour
Loc Detox$175.001 hour 30 minutes
PEACHES Royal Wash$150.0045 minutes
Tangle Removal /Dreadlock removal
$90.00/hour4 hours ·
Loc Shampoo and Condition$40.001 hour

Why Trust The Dreadlocks Salon For Detox?

The Dreadlocks Salon is the best hair salon Oakland, where professionals strive to deliver 100% results. Our hair stylists are trained and certified to carry out our industry’s best practices to deeply clean your scalp. With our detox service, you can enjoy smoother, cleaner, and shiner locs. We are your best bet since we are;

  • Trusted by many
  • Offer a wide spectrum of Detox Services
  • Use premium quality detox products
  • Licensed and Skillful Professionals


Yes, detox is not just good but essential for your locs to stay healthy, hydrated, and bacteria-free. It is advised to take detox service every four to six months.
The best hair salon Oakland is The Dreadlocks Salon. Here, we prioritize our customers and offer a wide spectrum of hair detox, loc color, and styling services. Book your appointments with us today and give your hair the required nourishment.
As per the experts at The Dreadlocks Salon, it is best to get detox service at least twice or thrice a year. This will keep your scalp & locs healthy and will also give them a natural shine. Plus, it also prevents lice growth in the locs.
The Dreadlocks Salon is the best hair salon Oakland. We offer a range of detox services including loc shampooing and conditioning, royal wash, tangle removal, hydration bath, and much more.
It is generally advised to consult hair specialists before doing anything on your own. You can wash your hair with apple cider vinegar to keep them healthy, but professional detox is necessary for deep exfoliation and cleaning.
Definitely, detoxification is the best way to grow healthy locs. The Dreadlocks Salon - the best hair salon near me is here with locs detox to deep clean your locs, nourish them, and help them grow.

Price List

Service NamePrice
Starter Locs (Regular)$125
Instant Locs (Consultation)$100
Sister Locs (Consultation)$150

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