As a beginner in hairstyle, you might fail to spot the difference between twists and dreads. Both hairstyles create a curly look that might be termed the same; however, experts know the distinctions between the techniques and the final texture. Twists are two-strand crossovers, while dreads come with matted structures that take time to form. 

Both twists and dreads are popular hairstyle alternatives, but in some cases, people might fall into false expectations and opt for the wrong styles due to ignorance. Are you in the same dilemma? No worries. In this blog, you’ll discover the core differences that even the most popular locs salon will fail to answer.

Twist & Dreads Hairstyle: An Overview

Let’s start this guide by covering various aspects of the difference between twists and dread styles. Here, we are beginning with looking at the hairstyle specifications one by one:

Hair Twisting 

Hair Twisting

  • Twist hair is achieved by dividing the hairs into different sections, twisting hair strands together, and twisting two coiled strands around one another again.
  • Hair twisting is considered a temporary style that can easily be taken down without extra effort.
  • Depending on the hair section used to create this hairstyle, twists can be customized based on thick and thin textures.
  • Interestingly, twists are the starting point for dreadlocks and are often used as a protective hairstyle.

Dreads (Dreadlocks or Locs)

Dreads (Dreadlocks or Locs)

  • Dreadlocks, also known as dreads or locs, are hairstyles crafted with rope-like strands. Hair is not combed for a week to achieve the look, allowing it to mat naturally or through palm rolling. Over time, these hair strands mature and will form dreads.
  • Dreads can be semi-permanent and permanent, and forming dreads takes longer due to its lengthy process.
  • Locs become tighter as they mature, varying in multiple sizes from thick to thin.
  • Dreads can’t be taken down easily; they require more maintenance and regular palm rolling or twisting to retain the perfect shape.

So, you must have a clear idea and be able to outline some core difference between twists and dreads. If not, let us help you! 

Twists Vs Dreads: A Complete Comparison! 

To assess the difference, you have to start with the basics, whether you pick twists or dreads.  Let’s dive into the details of hairstyle basics to gain extended knowledge. Here are the points of difference between twists and dreads:

Time Invested 

If you visit professionals in hair salons for hair twisting, the hairstyle will take 1-2 hours to complete. Contrary to dreads, the timeline journey is not restricted to one session; the average loc journey can take 18-24 months, so it’s definitely a process that requires a lot of patience and upkeep for maintenance.


The twist style is achieved by parting the hair into different sections, twisting hair strands, and then rolling the twisted strands together again. Palm rolling, twisting, interlocking and braiding techniques are regularly followed to form curly waves for dreadlocks. Depending on your mature stage, stylists use different techniques. 

Hairstyle Types

Twisting hair comes in various forms, such as the finger, flat, passion, medium, strand, twist updo, bun twist, Marley twists, and kinky twist bob. As for dreadlocks, you can try long and short dreadlocks, braided dreads, Bohemian dreads, dreadlock ponytails, faux locs, freeform locs and twisted dreadlocks. 

Temporary Or Permanent

Twists are temporary hairstyles used for hair protection and are easily detangled. With gentle care, twisted hair can last for 2 to 6 weeks. On the other hand, dreads are permanent or semi-permanent, with consistent braiding and twisting to last for years or even decades. This is the significant difference between twists and dreads.

Style & Preferences 

While both hairstyles are suitable for long and shorter lengths, you can use twisted hair to achieve a neat and cleaner look. Also, for a bold and vibrant look, dreads will be the right choice for styling. Dreads are known for matted and net structure, while twists are clearer. 

Washing & Drying Routine

Hair care is crucial for both twists and dreads to mature. However, dreads take longer to dry completely and require a specific technique for soaking locs and cleaning the scalp. On the contrary, twists can be easily washed and dried through a normal routine. 

Hair Growth 

Both hairstyles perfectly suit hair longevity, yet dreads show more rapid growth to achieve the desired length than twisted hair. Twists might take longer to show hair growth and attain a mature stage to reach a significant length.

These are the major differences between twists and dreads; you can compare both hairstyles well and pick your favorite. 

The Dreadlocks Salon – Your Locs Expert in Oakland, CA!

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1. Is twisting good for hair growth? 

Yes, twists promote good hair growth and protect strands from breakage and other damage. They also help hair retain moisture.

2. Which hairstyle is better – Twists or Dreads?

Both are comforting hairstyles for unique makeovers. However, you can go for twists for flexibility, while dreads will be a better option for rapid growth and permanent style. 

3. Do twists take the form of dread?

Yes, twists are considered the initial steps of dread; if you consistently roll the twisted hair, it will eventually form dreadlocks later on.

4. Can twists or dreads damage the hair texture?

Not necessarily, but twists and dreads can promote good hair growth with regular maintenance and extra care.

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