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Color your locs in elegant and stunning patterns. Go with single or double colors - whatever you desire, get it from us!


The Dreadlocks Salon For Long-lasting Premium Hair Color

Hair color is for dreadlocks too! Whether you have crocheted locs, new locs, or palm retwist dreadlocks, we have premium hair color Oakland to color em’ll! The Dreadlocks Salon - the best hair color salon in Oakland- has a wide spectrum of hair color services. We use premium-quality hair colors to give our clients long-lasting and rich hair color. 

Offering both single and double-color processes, we are here to give our clients the hair color they desire. With our hair color Oakland, you can be assured of a stunning look with experienced professionals and high-quality highlighters and colors!

Why Should You Opt For Hair Color Oakland?

The Dreadlocks Salon - the finest hair color studio in Oakland, takes pride in delivering 100% customer satisfaction! Whether you wish to have full loc hair color or are searching for balayage near me, we are the best hair color studio! Hair color is the best bet to give your locs a complete makeover; after all, hair color is not just for straight hair anymore! 

Bored of the same old natural hair color? It is time to add a pop of color to your locs and elevate your everyday look. With hair color Oakland, you can enjoy the latest hair color trends without worrying about damage to your hair!


How The Best Hair Color Salon Does It?

At The Dreadlocks Salon, you will be welcomed by a friendly and professional staff. You can relax in our soothing environment while we begin our process of professional hair color in Oakland. Our professionals begin by washing your locs. Once the locs are clean, the hair stylists will move to lighten your locs. 

Later, your desired hair color is applied to the locs for approximately 45 minutes. The hair color is washed thereafter, and you get to enjoy the beautiful hair color!

What We Offer

Service NamePriceDuration
PEACHES Color Double Process$250.0030 minutes
PEACHES Color Single Process/Example Natural Tones$190.0030 minutes
PEACHES Color Touch up/New Growth$160.0030 minutes
PEACHES Double Process/Color Two or more different colors$250.0030 minutes
Double Process/Color Two or more different colors$175.0030 minutes
Color Double Process$155.0030 minutes
Color Single Process/Example Natural Tones$190.0030 minutes

Why Is The Dreadlocks Salon The Most Preferred Choice?

The Dreadlocks Salon is the best hair color salon in Oakland. Offering an array of hair coloring options, we are your best bet to get long-lasting and rich shades. Our professionals are trained and certified; plus they bring years of experience to the table. You will love us because:

  • Use of good-quality hair color
  • Non-damaging bleaches
  • Licensed hair stylists
  • 100% customer satisfaction


Generally speaking, NO. Hair color can’t damage your natural hair, but make sure it is done by experts and is not used excessively.
The Dreadlocks Salon is the best hair color studio in Oakland. We use high-quality hair colors and bleaches to give your locs the desired hair color without causing any damage to them.
Undoubtedly, hair color Oakland is an ideal service for dreadlocks, involving bleaching and coloring the hair. Book your appointment at the best hair solar studio.
It completely depends on your desire. You can get whatever color you desire; however, black and brunette are the most preferred for dreadlocks. Get your desired hair color at affordable rates from the best hair color salon near me.
Hair color can last up to two months, whereas the results of hair lightening grow out with your hair length. So, it is appropriate to visit a hair color salon every two to three months, but remember, excessive hair color can damage the hair quality.
Both are equally good options, but if you are prone to changing hair color more often, loc extensions would be a better-suited option. If you are looking for a long-lasting result, then coloring is better. Connect with the best hair color salon at 510 776 7425.

Price List

Service NamePrice
Starter Locs (Regular)$125
Instant Locs (Consultation)$100
Sister Locs (Consultation)$150

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