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Professional Hair Twists In Oakland At Best Price

Hair has always been the loudest way that a woman can use to express herself. The axiomatic truth is that when your hair is perfectly styled and twisted, you feel more confident. Therefore, it is always vital for women to maintain their natural hair and locs. Whether you have short hair or long, your dream will always be to style your hair in a desired hairstyle and twisted locs. That’s how you search for “hair twists near me” or “passion twist near me.” At Dreadlocks Salon, we provide hair twists and loc styling services that will help you keep your hair looking versatile and fabulous. Why not embrace your natural hair when you have a go-to natural hair stylist who knows how to take care of it? Contact us today.

Let Us Transform Your Hair With Our Magic Hair Twists

Are you searching for “hair twists near me” or “passion twist near me” on Google to elevate your natural hair look? Dreadlocks Salon is your ultimate destination. We take pride in offering different types of hair twists to protect your hair and give you a stylish look. Whether you want to give your hair a more textured feel, attain a sleek & versatile look, or want to upgrade a classic style with modern twists, we bring you an array of hair twists services to give you the desired look.

  • Flat twists
  • A twist out
  • Three-strand twist
  • Finger twists.
  • Two-strand twists.
  • .

In addition, before twisting your hair, our hair stylists ensure that your hair is damp and detangled properly, using either finger or a wide-tooth comb. From finger to two-three, flat, and a twist out, you can select any hair twist you desire the most, and our stylist will transform your hair in no time. So, stop your search for passion twist near me or hair twists near me and contact us today.

Give Your Hair Some Loc Care And Styling Services

Do you want to enhance your overall look? Loc styling services are what you should be looking for. Whether you’re going on a date or a party, stylish locs will transform your look completely. Not only will different loc styles give you a stunning new look, but they will also last longer. Before beautiful clothes and stylish footwear, it is the hairstyle that first catches the attention of people. Therefore, at Dreadlocks Salon, we offer a range of hairstyles and loc services to give you the desired look. Our team of expert hair stylists takes great care while using any tool to give your locs a new style. Moreover, our professionals also help you make the right decision to get the perfect style based on the length of your hair and locs. We offer an array of loc care and styling services, including:

  • Haircut
  • Retwist
  • Trim My Ends
  • Palm Rolls
  • PEACHES Loc Style
  • Loc Maintenance With Style

Still, searching for the best hair twists near me or passion twist near me? Contact Dreadlocks Salon now.

Let Us Treat Your Hair With Proper Care At Dreadlocks Salon

Struggling to get the desired hairstyle and twists? Dreadlocks Salon is here to serve. Nestled in Oakland, CA, we are the most renowned Salon offering all types of hair twists and styling services. Our team of professional hair stylists uses advanced techniques and premium products to take care of your hair in a fashionable way. From finger twists to flat twists, two-three strand twists, haircuts, palm rolls, loc maintenance, and peaches loc style, we offer every service under a single roof. With our affordable and comprehensive hair twists and loc styling services, we have served thousands of clients in Oakland who always search for ‘passion twist near me.’ When you look for hair twists near me, Dreadlocks Salon should be your best bet. Trust us for (our):

  • Expert hair stylists
  • Years of experience
  • 100% satisfactory results
  • Affordable services
  • Instant and swift locs and styles
  • Premium quality hair products

Price List

Service NamePrice
Starter Locs (Regular)$125
Instant Locs (Consultation)$100
Sister Locs (Consultation)$150

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