How to maintain dreadlocks? Find your answer here! 

Dreadlocks or locs have been the top choice for cool and distinct hair styling to wear with your natural hair. Apart from the magnificent look that locs create, they offer a range of benefits, such as low maintenance, cultural significance, versatile styling, and natural hair growth with the best results. However, when trying the trendiest look with dreadlocks, people believe that they do not require regular maintenance to retain the style; it’s wrong! Even for low-maintenance hair styling, dreadlocks require an effective maintenance regimen to keep them static and ensure better hair growth.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ve shared insights on how to maintain dreadlocks, including helpful tips and hacks. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of a locs care routine and the best way to maintain your dreadlocks.

7 Easy Tips To Follow For Dreadlocks Maintenance 

On the verge of finding an answer to ‘How to maintain dreadlocks,’ here are the suggestive ways you can follow to retain a natural look with the impressive length you aim for. 

#1 – Don’t Skip Washing Locs 

Cleanliness is not just a way to keep your dreadlocks looking fresh; it’s a crucial step in maintaining their strength and promoting hair growth. By keeping your dreadlocks clean, you’re taking an active role in their maintenance and ensuring they stay in top condition. 

Washing your locs every two or three weeks will help remove debris, oil, and product buildup to keep the scalp clean and nourished.

#2 – Dry Your Dreadlocks Properly 

After the washing routine, the next crucial step in maintaining your locs is squeezing out all the water retention and drying them properly. You can use a microfiber towel and sun exposure to provide enough dryness within a ventilated area for natural drying. Whatever method you choose to dry your locs, ensure that your hair is dried properly from roots to final end. This helps improve the growth and longevity of your mature locs.

#3 – Keep Scalp Moisturized 

Dreadlocks are the best protective style for promoting hair growth and length. The next step in addressing how to maintain dreadlocks is moisturizing. Dryness can make your locks look more brittle and prone to breakage; using natural oil spray and hair serums will help retain natural moisture on the scalp and hair follicles. Additionally, water-based leave-in conditioner helps moisturize your locs. 

#4 – Re-Twist Your Dreadlocks 

You can style your dreadlocks with various options, such as high-top dreads, ponytails, twisted, beaded, and curly dreadlocks. Whatever style you prefer, they are bound to get loosened and misplaced in your daily lifestyle, so to keep the position static, they require regular re-twisting for the perfect look. You can consult professional locticians to assess your locs growth stage and check if any adjustment is required. 

#5 – Protect Style From External Damages 

Wearing dreadlocks and exposing them to air pollutants and an external humid environment makes them more prone to damage. So, wearing a scarf, cap, and other protective wearables minimizes the formation of oil, grease, and debris on your locs due to external factors. You can wear a satin scarf or bonnet at bedtime to protect your dreads from misalignments, dryness, and itchiness. 

#6 – Use The Right Product 

Understanding how to maintain dreadlocks with the right haircare products is essential to unlocking their fuller look. Too many chemicals, like sulfate-based shampoos and conditioners, can leave damaging buildup, later making the scalp dry and itchy. They can also imbalance the required pH value and intervene in hair growth.

#7 – Protect Your Dread Edges 

While styling your locs, looking at the edge maintenance is crucial. As your dreadlocks mature, they exert more tension on the edge to gain a fuller look, while tight locks make the edge more delicate and prone to damage and breakage. With the help of easy techniques like palm rolling and retwisting, hair growth is supported at a high rate. 

So, these are effective tips for ‘how to maintain dreadlocks’; this helps you to avoid messy, matted hair and scalp damage that results in losing hair growth. Furthermore, your decision to select the right hair salon helps you get the best dreadlocks. Instead of falling for baseless DIY hacks and applying improper locs techniques, visiting a qualified loctician and allowing them to take care of your dreads with professional expertise is advisable. 

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We hope this dreadlocks maintenance tip helped you. Share your views in the comments, and tell us what else you want to know about locs.

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