Interlocking interlock maintenance

Interlocking/Interlock Maintenance

No more tangled or loose hair; reinforce dreadlocks into the roots, even for fine hair.


Creating Instant Lock Effect For New Hair Growth

Hair is the most cherished jewel of a woman, and some even agree that hair is their crown. Indeed, hair needs care just as much as skin and when you have locs, caring becomes all the more important. If you have interlocked hair, then interlocking maintenance Oakland is a must.

Hair growth, sleeping, and hair washing all lead to messy loc; thus, regular hair interlocking Oakland CA keeps your locs healthy, neat, and in perfect sections. The Dreadlocks Salon is here to keep your loc’d hair in stunning shape and health. Book our interlocking service today and give your locs the love and care they deserve.

Why Should You Opt For Interlocking Maintenance Oakland?

Interlocking maintenance Oakland CA is essential for loc’d hair since baby hair, sleeping, hair wash, and hair growth can create a messy look while also tangling all the new growth. Hair interlocking Oakland CA is essential for everyone who wants neat locs and wants to nourish their hair.
With our interlocking maintenance Oakland, we aim to create an instant lock effect for your already locked hair. With us, you can be assured of a welcoming and relaxed environment where our stylists will interlock your new growth quickly and efficiently.


How We Do It?

At The Dreadlocks Salon, we aim to give our clients effective interlocking maintenance Oakland through our professional approach. We welcome you to a friendly and professional salon where we prioritize your needs. Our stylists use interlocking needles, a pointed premium quality tail comb, leave-in conditioners, and lock-in sprays for effective results.

Our professionals fix your locks in the needle and then interlock your hair based on the new growth. Generally, it is a repetition of four motions - from front to back, bottom to top, back to front, and top to bottom. Once all the growth is covered among all the sections, we use a lock-in spray for long-lasting and stunning locs.

What We Offer

Service NamePriceDuration
Loc Maintenance Interlock$175.002 hours 30 minutes
Package #4 Interlock Main. W/ Natural Products only$175.002 hours 30 minutes
PEACHES Maintenance Interlock$250.0030 minutes

Why Trust The Dreadlocks Salon?

The Dreadlocks Salon is a leading hair salon nestled in Oakland, CA. We have an in-house team of experienced professionals who follow industry best practices to give our clients satisfactory results. Our professionals are result-driven and aim for 100% client satisfaction; thus, we use premium quality hair care products. With our hair interlocking Oakland CA, you can be assured of gorgeous locs. Trust us for (our);

  • Trained professionals
  • Using Latest Techniques
  • Premium Quality Hair Care
  • Products
  • Quick service


For our interlocking maintenance Oakland we use premium quality leave-in conditioners, tail combs, interlocking needles, and lock-in sprays
The cost of interlocking maintenance generally depends on various factors, including new hair growth, products used, and hair volume, which can exceed higher quality products.
We prepare interlocking needles since they are easy to use, the locs can be fixed in them, and they don’t tangle the hair.
Interlocking maintenance Oakland is necessary to keep the locs in shape, maintain good hair health and ensure neat and tidy loc sections.
A span of three to four months should be between two interlocking maintenance Oakland. This duration is ideal for hair to grow the perfect length for interlocking without causing any strain on roots.
If you are looking for hair interlocking Oakland CA, then The Dreadlocks Salon is the best for you. We have an in-house team of experienced professionals who aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Price List

Service NamePrice
Starter Locs (Regular)$125
Instant Locs (Consultation)$100
Sister Locs (Consultation)$150

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