Kickstart Your Loc Journey With Loc Extensions Oakland, CA

Bored with the same hairstyle every day? Add a remarkable twist to your hair with premium loc extensions at The Dreadlocks Salon.


Searched For A ‘Loc Salon Near Me? We Are Here

Hair is the best accessory for a woman. Indeed, styling the hair in the desired style is everyone’s dream. Being the one with afro hair can make styling a tedious option, which is where loc extensions enter the frame. If you just searched for the term “best loc salon near me” trust us, you have landed in the right place. Here you can explore a range of loc extensions in Oakland, CA.

With loc extensions Oakland, CA you can begin the locking process and enjoy shining, thick, neatly parted locks. New locs also set the base for future crochet or palm twist locs. So, why waste another breath? Give your hair a new look with the best loc salon near Oakland!

Why Should You Opt For Loc Extensions?

Opting for new locs is an ideal choice if you have afro hair. Since afro hair takes the most time to set, one needs loc extensions Oakland CA to begin the locking process. With loc extensions you can get an instant makeover, however, if you are starting with real locs, it can take up to 18 to 24 months to complete the locking process. Once complete, you can enjoy long, thick, and shiny locks. 

New locs set the base for shinier locs; thus, they are of utmost importance. However, they require utmost care. Being the most trusted result for the term “loc salon near me”, we offer a range of loc starting strategies and loc extensions Oakland CA for blessed hair. Besides, in their budding and teen stage, new locs give you a fuller and more stylish look while you can enjoy neat & clean locs at the end of the locking process.


How We Do Starter Locs Oakland?

Starter locs Oakland is the base for your future locs. At The Dreadlocks Salon, we know the importance of new locs; thus, we offer our clients the same. Additionally, we provide the utmost support with loc extensions Oakland, CA. Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by our professional and friendly staff. 

Then our professional stylists will divide your hair into multiple sections using a tail comb and clippers. Thereafter, we comb coil the strands of your hair and seal them with gel and lock-in sprays. These twisted or coiled locs set the base for future locs as it starts the locking process.

What We Offer

Service NamePriceDuration
New Locs / Comb twist and Palm Roll$155.002 hours
New Micro Locs /Version of Sister locs$325.004 hours 30 minutes
Faux Locs / Single Locs Method$400.004 hours
PEACHES New Loc / Comb Twist & Palm Roll$230.002 hours
Faux Locs$250.003 hours 30 minutes
PEACHES Retwist / Maintenance / Palm Roll Method$170.002 hours

Why Is The Dreadlocks Salon Your Best Bet?

The Dreadlocks Salon ranks first for the term “best loc salon Oakland. Nestled in an easily accessible location in Oakland, CA, we cater to an array of loc services–from starter locs to loc extensions Oakland, CA. We take pride in offering the best new locks and loc extensions in Oakland. What are you waiting for? Check out our premium quality products and meet passionate hair stylists. We are your best bet since we are;

  • 100% result driven
  • Experienced in neat coiling and locking
  • Give natural new locs look
  • Instant and quick locks


The Dreadlocks Salon ranks are the best hair salon near Oakland. We aim to provide the best services and premium loc extensions Oakland to offer clients best-in-class services.
New locs last up to 18 to 24 months before they are ready for different loc styles, but you need to regularly maintain them depending on your growth. If you have a tight schedule then you can go with loc extensions Oakland as they require less maintenance.
Starter locs Oakland is divided into five stages ;the starter stage, the budding stage, the teen stage, the maturity stage, and the rooted stage. Being the best hair salon near Oakland, we coil your hair at the starter stage, and then your hair naturally reaches the rooted stage in 18-24 months.
Ranking as the best hair salon in Oakland, The Dreadlocks Salon takes great pride in being a trusted partner for new locs and loc extensions Oakland. Our skilled hair stylists with years of experience use the latest products and techniques to ensure healthy starter locs Oakland.
With loc extensions you get desired makeover in minutes. Moreover they do not require frequent care which makes them an affordable and convenient alternative to starter locs.
Caring for your new locs is relatively easy; you have to steer clear of conditioners & detanglers, wash hair regularly, and limit the number of hair products.

Price List

Service NamePrice
Starter Locs (Regular)$125
Instant Locs (Consultation)$100
Sister Locs (Consultation)$150

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