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Hair Palm Roll Oakland

Loose hair making your locs look lousy? Not anymore! Get beautiful palm twist dreadlocks with us.


Stunning Palm Rolling Starter Locs

Are your dreadlocks getting greasy? Do the new hair growth and loose hair strands make your locs appear messy? Hair palm roll Oakland is what you need. The Dreadlocks Salon knows that with time even the cleanest of locs can get messy due to loose strands, so we offer hair palm roll Oakland.

Halt your search for hair palm rolling near me with The Dreadlocks Salon since we are the best in Oakland. Our palm roll services are extended to loc wash, retwisting, scalp exfoliation, and much more! So, what is waiting for? Book our service today and give your scalp and locs the nourishment they deserve.

Why Should You Opt For Hair Palm Roll Oakland?

Palm twist dreads are the easiest way to give your locs a neat, clean look with sharp partitions. With hair palm roll Oakland, you get to enjoy deep scalp exfoliation and loc washing. Hair palm roll Oakland is a monthly maintenance service ideal for keeping your locs in shape with no loose strands messing the look.

Palm rolling starter locs are the best alternative for those seeking impressionable locs without burning holes in their pockets. At The Dreadlocks Salon, we offer economical hair palm roll Oakland so that you can enjoy tight dreads with minimal maintenance.


How Do We Do Palm Rolling Starter Locs?

At The Dreadlocks Salon, our experts will welcome you in a friendly environment. Our customers are our foremost priority, so we offer 100% result-driven services. The first step for hair palm roll Oakland is to wash your hair, ensuring a cleaner scalp while also exfoliating your scalp to remove any accumulated grease.

The next step is to separate the locs and dry them. Once the locs are dried, all the loose strands and new growth is divided into clean partitions using a rat-tailed comb. Later on, our professionals use the palm to retwist the locs and apply a leave-in conditioner to smoothen the look!

What We Offer

Service NamePriceDuration
Retwist /Maintenance /Palm Roll Method$95.002 hours
Scalp Treatment$32.0030 minutes
Package #2 Heal my Scalp and Retwist$145.002 hours
Re twist / Palm Roll /Loc Maintenance with Two strand twist$140.002 hours 30 minutes
PEACHES Retwist /Palm Roll /Loc Maintenance with Style$195.002 hours
Package# 3 Retwist with only organic natural oils$125.002 hours
PEACHES Scalp Treatment$107.0030 minutes
PEACHES Retwist /Palm Roll /Loc Maintenance with Two Strand Twist$215.002 hours 30 minutes

Why Is The Dreadlocks Salon The Most Preferred Choice?

The Dreadlocks Salon is a leading hair salon for hair palm roll Oakland. Our service is not just limited to retwisting the locs; we also clean the scalp, deeply exfoliate it, and offer loc washing, consultation, and conditioning of new loc. We are your best choice because of;

  • Quick palm roll dreadlocks
  • Professional approach
  • Industry's leading techniques and products
  • Certified hair stylists


Hair palm roll Oakland can effectively give a neater and cleaner look to your locs, so if your dreadlocks have started getting messier or have loose strands, palm rolling dreadlocks are the ideal solution.
Generally, no, and palm rolling starter locs can't ruin your hair. Nevertheless, too much of anything is harmful, so as with palm rolling. So, leave the palm rolling to the experts at The Dreadlocks Salon.
If you know the correct techniques, slight retwisting daily can keep your locs neat. However, you should always seek our professional assistance for palm rolling starter locs since too much of it can result in hair loss, and thin locs.
Hands down, The Dreadlocks Salon is the best hair salon for palm rolling dreadlocks. With hair palm roll Oakland, our clients can be assured of scalp exfoliation, and neat locs.
When done by experts, hair palm roll Oakland is an excellent alternative. It keeps your locs neat and in shape resulting in a cleaner & smooth hair look. Hair palm roll Oakland also nourishes the scalp.
The appointment for a hair palm roll Oakland usually takes one to one and a half hours; however, the time can extend or shorten based on the volume and length of locs. Connect to The Dreadlocks Salon if you seek palm rolling dreadlocks.

Price List

Service NamePrice
Starter Locs (Regular)$125
Instant Locs (Consultation)$100
Sister Locs (Consultation)$150

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