Short Loc hairstyles are known for their diverse styling techniques and smooth maintenance regimen. Women set high standards to make a bold statement with the best possible look. Whether wavy or curly hair, locs’s hairstyle blends well with personality, style, and face shape. For protective styles like short faux locs, dreadlocks can be transformed with endless styling possibilities. You can think of whatever locs style, from twisted braided to wrap, and get it done through a top loc stylist nearby. Connect with The Dreadlocks Salon, your reliable hair salon in Oakland, California, for a professional look. We specialize in top short loc hairstyle services like interlocking, new loc, crochet loc, coloring, and styling.

Let’s take a tour of the best 15 short loc hairstyles that help you explore various styles based on varied dreadlock shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.


1 – Freeform Beginners Locs 

Freeform Beginners Locs

Want to have a simple and subtle look with short loc hairstyles? Freeform locs are your fine choice for regular styling. From special events to regular office or college, you can wear this loc hairstyle with any preferred attire. Let the dread grow mature and twist it through palm rolling afterwards to achieve the look. You can be free from worrying about setting products and re-twisting. 


2 – Dreadlock Bangs 

Dreadlock Bangs

Who doesn’t love bangs? If you are tired of regular styling, try dreadlock bangs as one of the trending short loc hairstyles. It helps you to achieve the classic and, at the same time, enhance your facial appearance. For this styling, you can suggest to loc stylists to keep the baby loc soft and back locs straight to craft a bold look with an extra pop of bangs. 


3 – Half Up, Half Down 

Half Up, Half Down

Counting as one of the best short loc hairstyles, it involves pulling half of the locs on top to form a bun while leaving the other parts freely down. This style is suitable to keep the locs out of the face, adding the perfect length and texture. Women can wear this style with confidence to attend any special events. 


4 – Curly Dreadlocks

Curly Dreadlocks

If you are a fan of curly hairstyles, here is one of the twisted short loc hairstyles known as Curly dreadlocks. Whether you are using hair rollers or braiding, these techniques will assist you in crafting the perfect loc style for trending fashion. Get the spiral or wavy bounce with a curly dreadlock.


5 – Criss-cross Dreadlocks

Criss-cross Dreadlocks

The crisscross style is one of the accessible styles suitable for short dreads; it derives a knotted-like structure. The best thing about this loc hairstyle is that wearers can play with locs as they want for natural hair perfection. You can even keep the last section freeform for breathing space.


6 – Short Faux Locs

Short Faux Locs

Tired of lengthy locs? Try these trendy and unique short faux locs for a versatile protective loc hairstyle. Women are shifting towards these stylish loc patterns that align with their facial specifications for a classy and elegant look. You can even use highlight and coloring to glam up the shine of locs.


7 – Finger Waves Locs

Thin Locs

This finger wave look for dreadlocks is considered the best style for starter locs.  This style never goes out of trend! While your locs are wet and short, your loc experts will mold tresses to design a wavy structure; once it gets dried, there comes a smooth finger wave for elegance. 


8 – Side Bangs 

Side Bangs

Side bangs with short locs are the perfect hairstyle that you should follow to level up your fashion game. To enhance your look, you can even apply color shades on half or full-locs asymmetrically for an appearance that blends well with causal and special event looks.


9 – Comb Coils 

 Comb Coils

Get your perfect comb-coil locs, one of the trending preferences for short loc hairstyles among women. To achieve the look, spin a small section of hair using a metal comb for sleek, coiled hair. For enhancement, cover it up with hair sprays, serums, or creams that leave a natural conditioning texture for locs.


10 – Thin Locs 

Not everyone enjoys thick locs; some prefer a thin texture that blends well with their look. Women with these thin locs hairstyles stand out from the crowd and get prepared with minimal maintenance. Thin locks also create wavy and bouncy textures for locs to adapt any style you want.


11 – Two Strands Twist

Two Strands Twist

A popular choice among easy-to-maintain short loc hairstyles, this two-strand twist hairstyle is easy to do and less likely to fall off overnight, even after the first wash. As the name suggests, two strands twist are formed by rolling different strands together using handheld tools or palm rolling techniques.


12 – Bob Faux Locs 

Bob Faux Locs

One of the stylish short loc hairstyles that you can style with classic and curly ends bob. For an elegant look, you can manage length up to jawline or over the shoulder, which makes it perfect for short locs. Best protective style that can be used as a transition phase to convert into a sleek design. 


13 – Short Boxed Faux Locs 

 Short Boxed Faux Locs

Get a stunning streetwear look using artificial dreads, where your natural hair is wrapped through braiding to craft the perfect makeover. Without  much effort, this hairstyle makes you look fashioned by adding synthetic or natural hair crochet threads. Pick this pattern among short loc hairstyles to upgrade your ordinary outfit. 


14 – Dreadlock Bantu Knots 

Dreadlock Bantu Knots

It’s one of the attractive short loc hairstyles that you should not miss out on! Bantu knots create a stand-out look and can easily be made with a parted hair section rolled to create a knot and then stuck using a rubber band. Apart from styling, they create a protective pattern to reduce damage and frizziness for hair. 


15 – Baby Locs 

Baby Locs

Baby locs are one of beginner short loc hairstyles that can add fine and smooth texture to hair. Although the locs are in the initial stage, they look more flexible and allow varied styling options. It can transform hair to achieve more mature dreadlocks. 

The Dreadlocks Salon: Pick Any Style You Want! 

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