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We all have different hair textures; some have curly, wavy & coily, whereas many of us are blessed with straight & silky hair. While managing straight hair is easy, curly hair isn’t, especially when you are not sure where to start. If you have afro hair and are struggling to manage it, you need loc extensions, a popular hair styling option. 

Loc extensions are a great way to manage curly hair. While afro hair takes time to grow, loc extensions in Oakland CA are the easiest and fastest way to achieve long and gorgeous hair. If done right, they bring several benefits. Considering the advantages, we curated this blog to explain the advantages of loc extensions and tips to maintain them. Let’s start from scratch.

What Are Loc Extensions?

Loc extensions are a popular hairstyle technique where hair is divided into sections to begin the loc extension process. The professionals comb coil strands of the hair and seal them with gel and lock-in sprays. This type of hairstyle transforms loose hair into locs that look beautiful and natural. 

Depending on the natural length and texture of your hair, professionals seal the strands with gel and lock-in sprays. Locs extensions last longer and help grow the natural hair into locs without hassle. 

What Are The Benefits Of Loc Extensions?

Loc extensions are becoming a popular option among other hairstyles. People are now preferring loc extensions to carry a ready-to-go look. Not only does it boost the growth of natural hair, but it also gives you a new look. When you want to change your look, you don’t need to have a haircut or spend hours styling them; just rely on the loc extensions. Here are some benefits of getting loc extensions. 

1. Instant transformation 

One of the most significant benefits of loc extensions is the ability to achieve instant transformation. Whether you dream of long or flowing locs or desire shorter and more manageable hair, locs extensions allow you to achieve the desired look in no time. Not this much, you can also experiment with different hair colors, lengths, and thicknesses, allowing you to personalize your look in your own way. 

2. Protective styling

Your hair is exposed to heat, dust, styling tools, and many other external elements that can cause damage to natural hair. Loc extensions protect your natural hair from dust and other harmful elements, eventually promoting hair growth.

3. Promote hair growth 

The added weight of the extensions creates slight tension on the hair roots, stimulating blood flow and potentially encouraging faster hair growth. Additionally, locs protect the end of your natural hair from external factors, reduce breakage, and allow them to retain length. All this process results in healthy, long, and gorgeous hair. So count on loc extensions in Oakland CA, today! 

4. Boost confidence

Transforming your hair has a profound impact on your overall confidence and self-esteem. Loc extensions come in various styles that allow you to experiment with different styles that make you feel confident. With unique loc extension styles, you can flaunt your style and are likely to receive more compliments and admiration for having beautiful hair. 

5. Versatile 

Loc extensions offer unparalleled options when it comes to styling. Similar to natural locs, you can braid, twist, updo, and accessorize your extensions in various ways. From parties to formal occasions, you can play with creative styles every day, complementing your outfit. With loc extensions, you can constantly reinvent your look, ensuring you are never bored with the same hairstyle. All in all, loc extensions are perfect if you love flaunting your styling. 

Tips To Maintain Loc Extensions 

Whether it’s your natural hair or loc extensions, they need care and attention if you want to keep them in shape. However, maintaining loc extensions is easy; several tips can help you to manage them. Here they are!

1. Wash Them Carefully  

Undoubtedly, washing your loc extensions is important, but it would be better if you do not wash them frequently. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is to avoid shampoo. There are many products for cleaning the scalp and hair without soaking the hair. A mild dry shampoo or scalp cleanser will work to clean your hair. The harsh chemicals in the shampoo can damage loc extensions; dry shampoo or cleanser provides the required moisturizer to the locs and removes the dust from the hair. 

2. Moisturize Them Regularly

Several factors, such as sunlight, chlorine, salt water, heat, etc., remove moisture and shine from the loc extensions, leaving them frizzy and dull. It is essential to keep your hair moisturized to maintain the shape and look of your loc extensions. This also helps prevent unwanted frizziness. You can spray hair essential oil or rosewater on your locs to provide them with the required moisturizer. 

3. Visit Salon Timely

When left unattended for an extended period, new growth can give your hair a frizzy look. So regular maintenance can keep your locs in shape. You can visit a salon for loc extensions in Oakland CA, every 2-3 weeks after washing your hair; the rest the professional will do. 

4. Wear A Sleeping Cap 

Sleeping can be disturbing for people who install locs for the first time. Due to the trouble sleeping, they ended up with damaged locs. Covering your head using a sleeping cap can help you sleep well and keep your locs in shape. 

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